Strengthening Programmes

Strengthening Programmes

Strengthening a weak area is a crucial part of your rehabilitation. It will allow you to return to previous levels of agility and will reduce the chance of a chronic pain redeveloping or regressing.

Depending on your condition, there may be one specific muscle or a whole muscle group that requires retraining. Our reliable and highly qualified experts will identify the exact areas that need conditioning and find an appropriate solution, tailoring a personal programme to meet your needs and expectations.

Book an appointment today in one of our London clinic and we can get you strong, healthy and back to fitness in no time.

Benefits of Strengthening Programmes:

Improves Agility

Our therapists at Advanced Total Therapy will identify the muscles that are in need of strengthening which in turn will improve your agility in the long run.

Relives Pain

By strengthening the muscles related to your injury it you will gradually begin to feel an improvement in your pain levels, which is the biggest hurdle in recovery.

Reduces the chance of Regression

With our therapists identifying the problem areas and concentrating on strengthening the muscles, you will significantly reduce the chance of the injury redeveloping later on .