Joint Mobilisation & Thrusts

Joint Mobilisation & Thrusts

Joint dysfunction can develop through poor posture, biomechanical stresses, injuries or simple wear and tear. When a joint's natural movement becomes dysfunctional, it can lead to stiffness, chronic pain, nerve impingement and exacerbate postural and biomechanical problems. The restoration of natural glides and movement patterns is therefore essential to providing an effective cure.

At Advanced Total Therapy, our practitioners have been highly trained, with years of experience to apply specific joint mobilisation and thrust manoeuvres to effectively relieve symptoms and ensure you can begin your road to recovery and get back to full health.

Benefits of Joint Mobilisation & Thrusts:

Relieves Pain

My manipulating the joints and using thrust movements to improve the restoration of natural glides, in just a few sessions will help reduce your pain substantially.

Improves Mobilisation

With this technique you'll see an improvement in your joint mobilisation. This in turn will help a more swift recovery with you being able to maintain activity.

Assists Recovery

In conjunction to the benefits of improving your mobilisation and relieving pain you'll find with this technique you'll soon see an improvement in your recovery.