Deep Soft Tissue Massage

Deep Soft Tissue Massage

Deep soft tissue massage is performed in order to access the deeper lying tissue structures. The aim is to break down scar tissue, release toxins and ensure blood is circulating freely. This will lead to reduced pain, increased flexibility, restoration of muscle balance, quicker healing times and improved performance of the tissue.

Other benefits include relaxation, reduced tension and a sense of well being. Does it hurt? Depending on your condition, yes it might hurt, but please be reassured that no damage is being caused. Typical post-treatment pain is low and only lasts 1-3 days. But our therapists will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible during the massage and ensure you receive the best results.

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Benefits of Deep Soft Tissue Massage:

Helps Relax the Muscles

A deep soft tissue massage will aid in muscle relaxing, which in turn will help promote pain relief. So whether stress or injury related, you'll find it beneficial.

Increases Circulation

The motion of this deep soft tissue massage will assist in increasing the circulation throughout your body, which will aid in recovery.

Reduces the Inflammation of Joints

By relaxing the muscles and promoting circulation this will also in turn aid in reducing any inflamed joints, which one again will help your recovery.