Our Therapy Services


Acupuncture has been successfully used for thousands of years to treat a huge variety of conditions, from arthritis, to headaches, joint and muscular pain.

Biomechanical Assessments

Do you have pain which worsens when you increase your activity? We'll carry out a full assessment of your biomechanics, posture and gait to find the source of the problem.

Joint Mobilisation & Thrusts

Relief from stiffness, chronic pain, nerve impingement and postural problems through specific joint mobilisation and thrust manoeuvres.

Trigger Point Release

Your clinician will apply pressure in order to release trapped tight muscle and speed up the healing process of an injury.

Deep Soft Tissue Massage

Deep soft tissue massage effectively breaks down scar tissue, releases toxins and ensures blood is circulating freely.

Strengthening Programmes

Strengthening a weak area and retraining muscle groups through regular physical activity is a crucial part of your rehabilitation.

Muscle Energy Techniques

Exceptionally useful for breaking down scar tissue, these techniques involve the patient contracting specific muscles while the therapist applies a counterforce.

Expert Advice

Our expert physiotherapists are here to provide you with a tailored self-management programme to suit your needs and lifestyle as well as your pocket.