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We have a number of physio clinics set up nationwide. We like to adopt a holistic approach and have a fantastic record of curing issues in fewer sessions, so we can get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

Each of our friendly therapists are highly trained and qualified as well as being CSP and HCPC registered. As a result of our team of reliable therapists and excellent reputation, we are the preferred provider to some major insurance companies. Take a look around our website for more information on our services and where you can seek therapy, also see what some of our clients have said about us below.

"Each of our friendly therapists
are highly trained and qualified."

What Our Clients Say...

I was diagnosed with a "slipped disc" by my GP in August of 2016. The physio I saw at Advanced Total Therapy helped explain exactly what my condition was, I was given really clear advice and the exercises really helped. My pain is so much better now and I can…


My insurance company sent me to ATT after my car accident; I was hit from behind by a van at traffic lights and my neck was really sore for weeks afterwards. They were very accommodating in finding me a female therapist locally and she was very empathetic to my condition..…


After seeing several massage therapists for my shoulder pain a friend recommended I see one of the Physiotherapists at advanced total therapy. The booking team were really helpful and found a clinic for me very near my house. The Physio diagnosed my injury on the first session and used manual…


Being a self employed tradesman I really cant afford to stay at home and rest if I get injured. When I fell off a ladder on a building site and hurt my lower back I couldn't even carry my tools; I was really worried. Through my private healthcare insurance I…


Friendly and professional, I felt like I was in safe hands throughout!


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